Indians Begin Uninstalling Zomato’s App After Company Responds To Swara Bhasker’s Complaint About Advertising On Republic

Companies are fast realizing that pandering to woke far-left extremists isn’t quite the path to business success in today’s India. Indian consumers are uninstalling Zomato’s app en masse after the company appeared to cave to far-left propagandist Swara Bhasker’s call to stop advertising on Republic. “Hey Zomato, I’m your regular […]

Swara Bhasker, Faye D’Souza Delete Posts After Being Caught Spreading Fake News On Tanishq Showroom Attack, Social Media Influencer Pun_Star Deactivates Account

Prominent far-left social media users are being forced to quickly retract on the fake news they were spreading around how a Tanishq store had been attacked in Gujarat. Swara Bhasker and Faye D’Souza have deleted their posts around how a Tanishq showroom was attacked in Gujarat because the company had […]