Leftist Propagandists Openly Demand Support For JNU/Jamia Anti-Nationals In Exchange For Raising Their Voice For Postponing Exams

There was a time when some issues — such as the future careers of millions of young students — were left out of political one-upmanship, but India’s left has breached that one final barrier of decency.

India’s leftist propagandists are openly demanding support from vulnerable students for JNU/Jamia anti-nationals in exchange for providing their support for delaying the JEE and NEET exams. Some students, over the last week, have been asking for these exams to be delayed on account of the coronavirus. India’s left has thrown its support behind the students, but on one condition — these students support the lumpen JNU Jamia goons going forward.

And they aren’t being subtle about it. “Dear students, I’ve since July 4 voiced your concern in my #ListenToStudents series,” wrote “journalist” Saahil Murli Menghani. “Need 2 promises from you. Once exams are postponed, don’t forget to always support students(JNU, Jamia, AMU or ANY) when media & govt harass them,” he added.

Similar views were echoed by “Deshbhakt” Akash Banerjee. In an Instagram video, he tried drawing parallels between the clashes of the Delhi Police and the rioting Jamia students with the decision to conduct exams, and tried to portray both moves as “anti-student.” “Did you not see what happened to the Jamia and JNU students?” he asks earnestly. “Now it’s your turn,” he says, referring to students who’re only asking for their exams to be rescheduled.

One would wonder if leftist propagandists “always” want to support JNU and Jamia students. Would students be expected to support JNU students when they openly ask for the break up of India? Would these students be expected to support Jamia students when they are arrested for engineering the Delhi riots? Would they be expected to support Jamia students when they go and join Al Qaeda?

But this is what the left appears to want: blind unflinching support for their thuggery in exchange for help with exams being delayed. It’s a clever tactic — young students would want to latch on to all the support that they can if they genuinely believe that the exams need to be postponed. India’s young students would do well to be be careful — they might get support from these dubious characters in the short term, but they would want to realize that they are eventually being used as pawns to meet their nefarious political ends.

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