Urmila Matondkar Quits Congress 6 Months After Joining Party

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The Lok Sabha elections are over, and chips are falling where they belong.

Bollywood actress Urmila Matondkar, who’d joined the Congress in March this year right before the Lok Sabha elections, has now quit the party. “My political and social sensibilities refuse to allow vested interests in the party to use me as a mean to fight petty in-house politics instead of working on a bigger goal in Mumbai Congress,” Mataondkar said while resigning.

Matondkar’s resignation isn’t surprising — her brief stint with the Congress was forgettable, if not downright disastrous. After plunging headlong into politics in March without any prior experience, she was give the Congress ticket to fight elections from Mumbai North. Her brief campaign saw her do little else than dance at some public events. The voting public was clearly not impressed — Matondkar lost by over 4.6 lakh votes in an overall Congress rout that saw that party’s overall tally fall to 52 seats in Parliament.

The Congress has been looking to rebuild since its historic loss, but Matondkar clearly isn’t interested. In her statement, Matondkar accused the Congress of overlooking the concerns she had raised in a letter to former Mumbai Congress president Milind Deora on May 16. “…the said letter containing privileged and confidential communication was conveniently leaked to the media which according to me was an act of blatant betrayal,” she said.

This is a rather quick — if somewhat expected — volte face from Matondkar, who while joining the Congress six months ago had insisted that she was in it for good. “Neither have I joined the party because of the elections, nor will I leave it once the elections are done,” she’d declared. “I’m here to stay, I’m here because I believe in the ideology of the Congress.” Six months, clearly, is a long time in politics.

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