Gaana Fires Employee Tanzila Anis, One Day After Her Hindu-Hating Tweets Had Gone Viral

Leftists are learning that open Hindu hatred has no place in today’s India.

Gaana has fired Tanzila Anis after her Hindu-hating tweets had gone viral yesterday. “Gaana respects all religions and communities of India. With regards to the social media posts by a recently joined employee of Gaana, these posts do not represent our values. She is no longer employed by the company. We will continue to bring music to our country.” Gaana’s official account tweeted.

Yesterday, while the nation had watched in shock when a Bajrang Dal worker Rinku Sharma had been brutally murdered by four men, Zahid, Mehtaab, Danish and Islam, Tanzila Anis, who worked with the content team of Gaana’s podcasts, had appeared to mock the murder. “Bajrang Dal Activist. That’s it, that’s the tweet,” she’d tweeted, implying that Rinku Sharma deserved his fate.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Twitter users had dug up other tweets from Tanzila Anis. In a tweet from 2015, Anis had said that there must be outrage over why there were “more” Hindus in India.

She had also regularly made fun of Hindu gods, making sexually suggestive remarks. She’d claimed to having a “thing for” Shiva mythological dick. In another tweet, she’d said she said she wanted to stand under a Shiva idol with its legs spread wide. She’d also made fun of Duryodhana, saying that he wanted Draupadi to sit on his “jenga”. She’d also referred to Hanuman’s “thing” growing longer in Lanka.

After these tweets had gone viral, users had begun uninstalling Gaana’s app, and rating it as one star. #BoycottGaana had also trended all of yesterday, and had gathered thousands of tweets.

With Gaana now firing Tanzila Anis, it appears that Gaana’s users will be mollified. But while Tanzila Anis is no longer employed with Gaana, the problem still remains — if educated people wonder why India has more Hindus, and make crass references to Hindu gods, can Hindus ever feel safe in this country?

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