The Wire Wins “Free Media Pioneer Award” From Institute Supported By George Soros

If Jawaharlal Nehru had gallantly awarded himself the Bharat Ratna while still being Prime Minister, modern Indian leftists aren’t too far behind.

Far left propaganda portal The Wire today announced that it had won something called the 2021 ‘Free Media Pioneer Award’, awarded by something called the “International Press Institute”. “The Wire was recognised as “a leader in India’s digital news revolution and an unflinching defender of independent, high-quality journalism”,” the publication proudly wrote on its blog.

There was even a statement from “The International Press Institute”. “We are extremely proud to recognise The Wire as this year’s IPI-IMS Free Media Pioneer. The Wire is a leading force in India’s digital news transformation and its commitment to quality, independent journalism is an inspiration to IPI members around the world. We congratulate all of The Wire’s staff for their tremendous work in the service of critical reporting and press freedom, and stand with them in the face of increasing political pressure,” IPI’s executive director Barbara Trionfi said.

This would’ve come as a surprise to people in India, who know full well that The Wire is a propaganda rag that regularly spreads fake news, but the motives behind the mysterious award soon became apparent.

A cursory look at the website of “International Press Institute” throws up a familiar name. Among the “Supporters and Partners” of the institute is listed Open Society Foundations, the organization founded by George Soros which covertly attempts to carry out regime change around the world.

George Soros has said so in as many words, claiming PM Modi wanted to set up a Hindu nationalist state. “The biggest and most frightening setback came in India, where a democratically elected Narendra Modi is creating a Hindu nationalist state,” he’d publicly said in 2020. Soros’ Open Society Foundations has appeared to fund a network of clandestine initiatives to topple the democratically-elected Modi government — the organization had funded Extinction Rebellion, the group whose employee had created the toolkit to flame the farmer protests earlier this year. Open Society Foundations has deep links within India’s opposition parties as well — former PM Manmohan Singh’s daughter is employed by the same dubious organization.

The Wire, for its part, has also relentlessly spread fake news and propaganda to subvert India’s democratic process and topple the Modi government, and it’s no surprise that its work has come to the notice of a George Soros-funded organization. But while the Wire is proudly tom-tomming the award on its social media channels, the award itself has about the same amount of value as Shashi Tharoor being awarded “Most Chivalrous” by Yo Yo Honey Singh, or Randeep Surjewala awarding Rahul Gandhi “Best Youth Leader” — it isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.

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