Newslaundry Refers To North Indian States As “Gobar Patti” In Video

For the last few decades, India’s left has tried to conceal its Hindu hatred with a veneer of sophistication and vague innuendo, but it now appears that even those masks are falling off.

Far left propaganda website Newslaundry has referred to north Indian states as “Gobar Patti” in a video. “This issue is about the “cow belt”, or Gobar patti,” says Newslaundry’s anchor in a video shared on its YouTube. A literal Hindu translation of cow belt could’ve been gai patti, but the Newslaundry anchor chose to go with “cow-dung belt” instead.

The phrase “cow belt” itself is problematic in how it characterizes an entire region based on a religious stereotype, but references to cow urine and cow dung are far more sinister. Most famously, the Pulwama bomber had called Indians “cow urine drinkers” before blowing himself up next to a CRPF convoy and killing 40 jawans.

Newslaundry, for its part, is no stranger to spreading hate against Hindus. A Hindustan Times journalist who’d been fired for calling Lord Krishna a “womanizer” and a “f*ckboi” had been later hired by Newslaundry.

And it’s not as though Newslaundry employees have only indulged in hate speech — former Newslaundry columnist Sharjeel Usmani has been previously arrested for instigating the anti-CAA riots, and another columnist, Natasha Narwal, had been arrested and charged under UAPA for her role in the Delhi riots. The publication itself had appeared to support the assassination of the Prime Minister, cheering for middlemen protesters when they’d wished death on PM Modi.

This normalization of hate has had effects on the ground — the dehumanizing of Hindus over decades has resulted in exoduses like the one in Kashmir, and most recently in the anti-Hindu Delhi riots. With media channels openly propagating hate speech that reduces Hindus to a crude stereotype, it might be time for authorities to step in and take notice of how left-wing extremists might be creating fissures in society under the garb of journalism.

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