5 People Arrested For Attacking Doctors In Moradabad Test Positive For Covid-19

Attacking doctors is terrible at the best of times, but attacking doctors who were literally saving your life is even worse.

Five people who were arrested for attacking doctors and health personnel in Moradabad have now tested positive for the coronavirus. “We had tested 8 men and 2 women who had been arrested for the violence, because they had come from a hot spot zone,” a government functionary told ABP News. “Of these, 5 men have tested positive,” they added.

The nation had been shocked when on 15th April, a mob of people in UP’s Moradabad had attacked health officials who had reached the area after a person had died of coronavirus. When officials had tried to quarantine the relatives of the deceased man Sartaj including his nephew Imran, a crowd had gathered and pelted the officials with stones. A doctor, who was grieviously injured in the incident, said he had been hit with sticks and kicked and punched more times that he could remember. The crowd had also damaged a police vehicle and an ambulance.

The UP Police had acted quickly against the accused. The same day, the police had arrested 25 men and women for the violence. A court had then convened at 3 am that night, and by 5:15 am the next morning, 17 men and women had been jailed.

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