Anurag Kashyap Spreads Fake Translation Of Hitler Video To Compare Him To PM Modi

The left keeps getting ever more creative in their attempts to malign the Indian government.

Yesterday, PM Modi gave a speech during which he said that it was alright for the opposition to criticize him, but they shouldn’t be destroying property belonging to Indian citizens. Not long after, this video of Adolf Hiter began doing the rounds, in which the translation read: “I know who is hating me. Hate me, if it is your wish, but don’t hate Germany.”

While the video spread quickly — it did indeed appear that PM Modi had quoted Hitler from all these years ago — its spread was aided by several prominent individuals. Film director Anurag Kashyap shared the video, as did standup comedian Aditi Mittal.

But it turns out that the video is completely fake, because the translation in English is not at all what Hiter is saying in the video. In the video, Hiter says the words ” …to talk of this people as brothers (volk) to go in the midst of the people of the nation, to overcome all its …. To help and to help again and again,” which, obviously, is nowhere close to the translation that’s provided in the video.

This isn’t the first time that rabid left-liberals have resorted to fake news to draw comparisons between PM Modi and Hitler. Earlier, the former head of the Congress IT cell Divya Spandana had tweeted a picture showing how both PM Modi and Hitler playfully held the ears of young children. It was later determined that the Hitler photo had been mischievously photoshopped.

But Anurag Kashyap’s latest stunt is egregiously bad, not only in how blatantly false it is, but also because of its timing. The entire country is on edge with CAA protests, and for an influential public figure to further stoke passions with fake news appears irresponsible in the extreme. Left liberals have the privilege to return to their south Bombay once they’re done with their “online activism”. But the rest of the country will burn, and lives will be lost, because of the fake news they’ve spread.

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