Poetic Justice Foundation Cofounder Says He’s A Khalistani And Wants An Independent Punjab

Even though there had been signs all along that the farmer protests were being actively aided and abetted by Khalistanis abroad, much of India’s left-leaning media had systematically ignored the evidence. But Greta Thunberg’s now-deleted tweet has revealed incontrovertible proof that the farmer protests are being actively promoted by self-confessed Khalistanis.

Among the documents released by Greta Thunberg yesterday was a slideshow from a Canadian organization called the “Poetic Justice Foundation“. The slideshow had meticulous plans around the protest leading up to 26th January, with meetings, hashtags, and deciding which tweets to amplify. The document had also said that one of the objectives of the protest was to “disrupt India’s image”, and had also said that the protest must try to not be “overtly Khalistani”

The reference to being overtly Khalistani was quickly edited and turned into something about Godi Media as the document became public, but there’s incontrovertible evidence that the Poetic Justice Foundation has Khalistanis at the very helm. And this is said by the co-founder himself.

Mo Dhaliwal is the co-founder of the Poetic Justice Foundation, and in a Facebook post on 17th September 2020, had said that he was a Khalistani and wanted an independent Punjab. “I am a Khalistani. You might not know this about me.Why? Because Khalistan is an idea. Khalistan is a living, breathing movement. A movement towards an independent Punjab, rooted in the Anandpur Sahib Resolution — a beautifully progressive and optimistic doctrine for a self-governing state if there ever was one,” he writes. The post is still up on his Facebook page.

Now it makes a lot more sense as to why the repeal of the farm laws was only the first objective in his organization’s list of objectives — the list included aims to “expose fascist responses to dissent”, and disrupt the “yoga and chai” image of India. Perhaps most tellingly, one of the “Challenges” listed was “winning the battle as a step towards winning the war”. And with the cofounder himself being a proud Khalistani who wants an independent Punjab, it’s not hard to imagine what the eventual battle might entail.

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