Indian Man Who’d Threatened To Keep Beheading Those Who Insult The Prophet Turns Out To Be Fan Of Kunal Kamra

Far-left personalities have been instigating violence for years in the name of art and comedy, and the results are beginning to show.

Yesterday, French President Emmanuel Macron shared a heartfelt tweet honouring Samuel Paty, the teacher who’d been murdered by an Islamist for showing his class the Charlie Hebdo cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad. Samuel Paty had told his Muslims students to leave the room before he’d shown the cartoons in case their sentiments were hurt, but he was beheaded a week later by an 18-year-old Muslim refugee. France had been shocked at the grisly murder, and rallies in support of the slain teacher had been held at several locations. President Macron had said in a speech that his country wouldn’t bow before Islamic extremism, and shared a tweet that succinctly captured his views. ” Nous continuerons, professeur (We will continue, professor),” he wrote, signaling that France would keep upholding its values of secularism and freedom of speech.

However, he received a response from thousands of miles away in India. One Nadeem Syed, whose Twitter handle is NadeemS50995988, replied to the French President saying “Nous continuerons à décapiter. Inshallah. (We will continue to behead, god wiling).”

While it was shocking while someone sitting all the way away in India would want to behead and kill someone for sharing a picture, what turned out to be even more shocking was the Twitter account of the man who’d shared the tweet. Nadeem Syed wasn’t what many would traditionally picture to be a violent extremist — he was instead a fan of Kunal Kamra.

As discovered by Twitter user BefittingFacts, Nadeem Syed had shared a video of Kunal Kamra from June this year, and written “My favorite” with three laughing emojis.

After his response to the French President went viral, Nadeem Syed has disabled his account.

Now it’s hard to say whether Kunal Kamra’s anti-India and anti-Hindu comedy is radicalizing these youths to threaten beheadings across continents, or whether youths predisposed towards violent extremism are drawn to such left-leaning comedians, but this correlation is becoming increasingly apparent. Just two months ago, after YouTuber Heer Khan had been arrested by the police for showering choicest abuses on Hindu gods, including calling Goddess Sita a prostitute and and Lord Ram the son of a prostitute, social media users had discovered her previous videos in which she’d urged her followers to follow and support Ravish Kumar. “The three men you see here, Prasun Bajpai, Ravish Kumar and Abhisar Sharma, are speaking out for you. They are speaking out for secular Hindus. They are speaking out for secular Muslims, Sikhs and Christians. They are risking their lives to get the news to you. Please immediately go and subscribe to their channel,” Heer Khan had said.

A few months prior, Khalid Saifi, who’s been charged with masterminding the deadly Delhi riots, had been photographed posing with Ravish Kumar. Previously, Lashkar-e-Tayeba cofounder Hafiz Saeed had praised left-leaning Barkha Dutt, and said that it was a good thing that journalists like her were operating in India. And with a self-confessed fan of Kunal Kamra now threatening to commit murder on the grounds of his religion, the link between violent extremists and left-leaning content creators only appears to be growing stronger.

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