India’s Netizens Call To Boycott Mirzapur 2 After Its Actors And Producers Supported CAA Violence Last Year

Amazon is going all out to promote its newest webseries Mirzapur 2, but most of India is less than enthused.

India’s netizens are calling for a boycott of Mirzapur 2 after people involved with the show supported the CAA violence late last year. Mirzapur actor Ali Fazal had tweeted during the CAA protests that he was enjoying the violence, while producer Farhan Akhtar had participated in the CAA protests but been unable to explain why he was participating. This has now prompted a massive online campaign against the show.

“Protests: shuru majboori mein kiye thhey, ab maja aa raha hai!!” Ali Fazal had tweeted on 20th December. That very day, 5 people had lost their lives in the CAA violence in Meerut.

Vikrant Massey, who is also an actor on the show, had stood with the protesters at Jamia who had clashed with cops and been involved in stone pelting. Ladeeda Farzana, who became the face of the Jamia protests, had previously given a call for jihad, and Ayesha Renna, who was one of Barkha Dutt’s Sheroes, had called India “fascist” for hanging Afzal Guru, the mastermind of the Parliament attack. Yet Vikrant Massey had tweeted that he supported the Jamia students with hashtags #StandWithJamia and #DelhiViolence.

The series is produced by Farhan Akhtar, who had turned up at the CAA protests, but had been unable to explain what the protest was about. “Why would so many people be here if there was (nothing in the law),” is all he’d managed to say when asked about the details of the act.

People are now trending #BoycottMirzapur2 and asking others to not watch the show. A Twitter user shared a video of Ali Fazal supporting the anti-CAA rioters, and asked people to dislike the trailer.

Another Twitter user said they’d boycott Mirzapur 2 because it starred “anti Hindu riot enabler” Ali Fazal.

Twitter user Dharmic Verangana said “sab yaad rakha gaya hai (We haven’t forgotten)” while sharing a screenshot of Ali Fazal supporting the protests.

People also shared memes around how Amazon Prime Video was giving a platform to the people who’d supported the Delhi riots.

Twitter influencer The Placard Guy said he’d remind people of who the lead actor in Mirzapur 2 was.

People also started sharing pictures asking people to boycott the show.

“This country made them Celebrities but they misused that status to provoke Riots in our capital! Best way to teach them a lesson will be to Boycott #Mirzapur2,” wrote twitter user @seriousfunnyguy.

Over the last few years, several movies and shows have faced the brunt of the actions of their stars and actors. Sadak 2’s trailer became one of the most disliked videos on YouTube in India because people were outraged by the comments of producer Mahesh Bhatt following Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. Amazon show Rasbhari has an IMDB rating of 2.8 not only because it was terrible, but also because of the persistent anti-India statements of far-left extremist Swara Bhaskhar who starred in it. And with the wounds of the Delhi violence still fresh, the public outrage against those who supported it could well manifest itself against Mirzapur 2.

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