AAP Social Media Team Incharge Shares Photoshopped Image Of Man Urinating On Trump-Modi Mural

It isn’t the only India’s media that’s been looking to discredit and embarrass the country ahead of the visit of US President Donald Trump — political parties are at it as well.

Aishwary Verma, who has a verified Twitter account and is the Head of the Social Media team of the Aam Aadmi Party, today shared an image of a man urinating on the newly-painted mural of Narendra Modi and Donald Trump in Ahmedabad. “Caption please,” he titled the photo. He also gleefully retweeted the best captions that other users sent in.

But there was a problem — the image is photoshopped. As can be clearly seen from the original image shared in this AP article, there is nobody urinating in front of the mural. Both images are clearly the same, with the same man on the bike in foreground of both pictures, but the urinating man added on in the image shared by the AAP social media team incharge.

Donald Trump’s visit to India has seen Indian leftists unleash a torrent of misinformation designed to embarrass the nation. A few days ago, several news outlets had carried the claim that a wall was being erected in Ahmedabad to hide the slums from view on Trump’s route. This was proved to be false when the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation Commissioner clarified that work on the wall, including the permissions and the tenders, had begun two months ago when Trump’s visit hadn’t even been announced. Other news reports had said that all paan shops in Ahmedabad were going to be shut to coincide with Trump’s arrival to ensure that people don’t spit it and leave stains around the city. This claim was also proven to be false by the Ahmedabad Municipality.

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