7 Arrested For Death Of Head Constable Ratan Lal, Police Say The Attack Was Planned

The Delhi Police has now made arrests in one of the most public — and heartbreaking — instances of violence during the riots that had gripped the city.

The Delhi Police has said that it has arrested 7 people in connection with the death of Ratan Lal, the Head Constable who was killed during the anti-CAA riots on 24th February. The accused are Saleem Malik, Mohd Zilaluddin, Mohd Ayub, Mohd Younis, Arif, and Mohd Danish, who is an outsider.

“It emerged during the investigation that the spot where the incident took place was a venue for an anti-CAA protest. On that fateful day a conspiracy was hatched to attack the police party. Evidence in this regard has been collected. The arrested persons are both conspirators and active rioters,” the police said.

Head Constable Ratan Lal had been killed on the afternoon of 24th February during the CAA protests which had turned violent. It had been initially reported that he’d died after being struck by a stone, but it had been later revealed that he had been shot on his left shoulder.

Ratan Lal, who is survived by his wife and three young children, had been feeling unwell on the fateful day, but had reported for duty because he said that his boss was alone in the field. His wife had later said that the police should be provided with better weapons to enable them to deal with unruly mobs.

Previously, the Delhi Police had also arrested Shahrukh, who had pointed a gun at a police officer and also shot 8 rounds during the Delhi riots.

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One thought on “7 Arrested For Death Of Head Constable Ratan Lal, Police Say The Attack Was Planned

  1. This was a premediated and planned murder with the intention of inciting riots and waging war against India. The guilty must be given the rarest of the rare punishment – Death penalty.

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