One Shamshad Pretends To Be Amit To Live With Woman, Murders Her And Her Child When Identity Revealed

A heinous case of cold-blooded murder has come to light in Uttar Pradesh.

The Uttar Pradesh Police has arrested an accused named Shamshad for murdering a woman and her daughter. Shamshad had been on a run after they found the dead body of the woman and her daughter buried in his house in Paratpur police station area. Shamshad allegedly opened fire at the police while attempting to flee and was injured in both legs in retaliatory firing. A firearm, cartridges and a motorcycle were recovered from him. 

The woman and her daughter had gone missing all the way back in March, and a friend of the woman had registered a report with the police on 14th July. The woman’s friend has alleged that Shamshad had hidden his religion and implicated her friend in a love trap.

A dramatic video of the police finding the buried bodies has now come to light. The video shows the police team entering the house, moving a sofa and digging into the ground below, and finding decomposed body parts.

As per Times Now, the deceased woman, who was a divorcee, and her daughter had reportedly been living with the accused for at least the last five years. The woman used to run a beauty salon in Modinagar area of Ghaziabad on rent after her divorce.

Shamshad met her on Facebook using a fake ID by the name of Amit Gurjar. After the woman began liking Shamshad, who she knew as Amit, he called her to Meerut on the pretext of marrying her and the two began living in his flat in Kashiram Colony.

Some time ago, the victim, reportedly, had come to know about the real identity of Shamshad after which he murdered the two and buried them in his house itself during the initial phase of the lockdown.

Shamshad in now in police custody.

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