NPR’s Hinduphobia? India Correspondent Appears To Mock Opened Yoga Centers, Ignores That Gyms Have Opened Too

An NPR producer had recently resigned after public outrage over a Hinduphobic tweet, but other employees seem to be continuing in the proud tradition.

Lauren Frayer, who is the India correspondent for NPR and was responsible for opening its Mumbai office, today sent out the following tweet. “India’s Unlock 3.0 actually means everything is still locked: Schools still closed, international flights still grounded. But yoga institutes can reopen on Aug 5,” she said. She even tweeted a picture of the government’s official guidelines.

Frayer’s tweet gave the impression that while most of the country was going to remain shut as before, yoga centers would be opened, building on the Modi government’s “Hindu nationalism” narrative that NPR has been espousing. But Frayer chose to ignore a relevant fact: gyms had been opened too, and it was even prominently mentioned in the picture that had accompanied her tweet.

It wouldn’t be the first time that far-left journalists have chosen to selectively report facts to fit their narrative, but Lauren Frayer appears to have a particular tendency to highlight yoga where it wouldn’t quite be necessary. A few months ago, she had chosen to only highlight how PM Modi and President Trump had discussed yoga and ayurveda in a phone call, out of a longish press release.

NPR is National Public Radio, and is a public and privately-funded American media company. NPR journalists have been previously known to hold anti-Hindu views. Just last year, Fukran Khan, a producer with NPR, had said that if Indians gave up Hinduism, it would solve most of their problems. “If Indians give up Hinduism, they will solve most of their problems, what will all the piss drinking and the dung worshiping,” she’d tweeted.

Following an outrage, Khan was forced to resign from NPR, and NPR had distanced itself from the tweet.

Lauren Frayer’s tweet isn’t quite as controversial, but reveals her biases all the same. The press release mentions yoga and gymnasiums in the same line, but selectively picking out yoga, and juxtaposing it against the still-shut schools and international flights appears to be a clear attempt to portray the current government as being irrationally predisposed towards yoga, and by extension, Hindu ideology. While Lauren Frayer’s tweet was made in her personal capacity, one would expect the same biases to creep into NPR’s “journalism” — with two of its journalists now appearing to hold views bigoted against Hinduism, one would wonder how neutral its actual coverage could possibly be.

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