Watch: Video Shows Rahul And Priyanka Gandhi Laughing And Giggling While On The Way To Meet Hathras Family

The Hathras murder has shocked the nation, but it appears that not everyone is equally moved by the victim’s plight.

Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi are today heading to Hathras, ostensibly to meet the victim’s family. But a video shared by ANI of the duo driving to Hathras shows them laughing and joking while on the way.

The video shows Priyanka Gandhi at the wheel, while Rahul Gandhi sits beside her. At around the 12 second mark, the entire car — there appears to be another person in the back seat who’s recording the video — breaks out into laughter.

Rahul Gandhi and his entourage of supporters had previously tried to visit Hathras, but had been stopped by the UP Police because of the Section 144 that had been imposed in the area. Rahul Gandhi had insisted on quibbling with the police, and had then appeared to dive into a patch of grass. The fall had sparked off a series of memes, with people mocking Gandhi for falling a little too easily.

The latest video, of Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi laughing while on their way to Hathras, will raise questions about the intentions of the duo in visiting the family. Rahul Gandhi spends a large portion of his time abroad, and has been previously questioned about his seriousness of being in active politics. And laughing and giggling while on the way to express sympathy for a rape victim doesn’t exactly indicate a whole lot of seriousness from the duo.

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