Shefali Vaidya Says She’ll File Legal Complaint Against Comedian Rohan Joshi Over Vicious Personal Attack

India’s comedy space is once again under the scanner for its treatment of women.

Popular activist-influencer Shefali Vaidya has said that she’ll lodge a legal complaint against comedian Rohan Joshi for a tweet in which he’d called her “garbage”, and implied that she shouldn’t be allowed to bear children. In 2017, Vaidya had shared series of tweets in which she’d said that how listening to the national anthem had helped her during her complicated pregnancy. “It was January 2006. I was 25 weeks pregnant with triplets. Early contractions had set in,” she’d written. “I was in the ICU of a US hospital. Doctors had made both my husband and me aware of all the possible risks if I delivered immediately. Low chances of survival, retinal detachment, blindness, autism, heart n lung issues, mental development issues..they threw everything at us,” she’d said.

“In a desperate attempt to break the silence, (my husband) put on a random CD. It turned out to be the Jana Gana Mana CD by Bharat Bala and A. R. Rahman. Bhimsen Joshi’s baritone voice started singing Jana Gana Mana. Even in that condition, I had goose pimples! I was strapped to the bed with a heart monitor, a catheter and and IV, so couldn’t stand, but even in that state, I paused the song. I asked the nurse to raise the bed to a semi-sitting position so that atleast my upper torso could be erect. Jana Gana Mana started playing again. As I listened to it, the tight knot in my stomach somehow, miraculously, started unraveling a little. I didn’t stop swimming in d sea of fears n uncertainly, but in d #NationalAnthem, I had found myself a raft that I could hold on to,” she’d continued.

It would appear to be a heartwarming tale of someone finding hope in the national anthem during a personal crisis, but AIB founding member Rohan Joshi had used the opportunity to viciously attack her. “What a difference 52 seconds can make,”” exclaimed the fucktard bhakt piece of shit who was in a US hospital, where she has the luxury of not dealing with any ground realities of India and only feeling patriotic 52 seconds at a time,” he’d raged on Facebook. “She is further evidence of the fact that bhakts themselves are useless garbage that should throw themselves off cliffs and save us from their stupidity. Ugh. And she wants to parent children. God knows what they’re learning from a Nazi slug like her,” he’d said.

To call a pregnant woman “a fucktard piece of shit”, “useless garbage”, saying that she “throw herself off a cliff” and questioning her right to have children just for listening to the national anthem might be considered funny in comedic circles, but Shefali Vaidya is now taking a dim view of the matter. “I wish to lodge a formal complaint,” she tweeted while sharing a screenshot of Rohan Joshi’s tirade. She’s also asked for Rohan Joshi’s phone number on Twitter so that she can proceed with the legal complaint.

As debate over Indian comedians’ serial abuse of women has intensified in recent days, other problematic tweets of Rohan Joshi’s have also come under the scanner. In a tweet, Rohan Joshi had said that goddess Sita would be fucked either way if Salman Khan played Hanuman in a movie.

Rohan Joshi has also made light of rape in the past, asking fellow comedian Vir Das how much raping he was planning to do that night.

All India Bakchod, of which Rohan Joshi was a member, has also been criticized for its offensive jokes on women. The group was forced to disband in 2019 after it emerged that the management had failed to act on a sexual harassment complaint at the workplace.

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