‘The Independent’ Journalist Stuti Mishra Shares Fake Photoshopped Picture To Target Columnist Shefali Vaidya

Journalists claim to be the purveyors of the truth who fight against misinformation, but far-left ‘journalists’ are now actively sharing fake news to target India’s citizens.

Stuti Mishra, who writes for the Independent, today shared a picture that claimed to show how Shefali Vaidya had said she’d purchased a neckwear set from Tanishq for ‘Rs. 112484’, but was available for only Rs. 199 on Flipkart. “What #BoycottTanishq is on Twitter and what is actually is,” she wrote. “From one lakh twelve thousand to 200 rupees,” she smirked.

Stuti Mishra thought that she’d caught Shefali Vaidya lying, but there was a problem — the tweet that was attributed to Shefali Vaidya was photoshopped and fake. ” Hello @Independent, is she your journalist? Using a photoshopped and fake tweet to malign image of a lady. This is image is so badly photoshopped. ‘@’ and ‘Y’ are cut from bottom. Shefali doesnt make such bad english tweets. Please clear your stand,” wrote Twitter user BefittingFacts.

“Congrats for your 30 seconds fame, Shame on you for spreading photoshopped image @StuteeMishra,” wrote Twitter user @erbmjha, pointing out how the image was clearly Photoshopped.

A modern-day journalist should be able to tell if an image is tampered with — given the amount of information that’s now on the internet, it’s virtually a prerequisite for the job — but India’s far-left journalists aren’t exactly known for their competence. Even after the botched Photoshop job was pointed out, Stuti Mishra refused to delete her tweet. ” If someone can confirm this is photoshopped I will delete,” she defiantly wrote.

At this point, someone got into her DMs and likely told her how she was making a fool of herself on social media, and Stuti Mishra deleted the tweet. Somewhat incredibly, she refused to apologize for her tweet which besmirched the reputation of an Indian citizen.

Incidentally, Stuti Mishra is the same journalist who had had also done her profession proud by hinting that Amit Shah die of swine flu when he’d contracted the disease last year.

One wonders if it’s their rabid bias or their incompetence that drives far-left journalists to regularly share fake news against nationalists, but incidents like have contributed to the eroding trust in the media among the general public. With alert users now quickly catching their lies, left-leaning propagandists are regularly being exposed in the public square of social media.

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