After Leftist Ecosystem Spreads Fake News That Rita Bahuguna’s Granddaughter Died From “Firecracker Burns”, MP Herself Clarifies That Firecrackers Were Not Involved

At this point, the leftist ecosystem isn’t above even above using the tragic death of a six-year-old girl to further its political agenda.

Last week, a bevy of news reports had claimed that BJP MP Rita Bahuguna’s granddaughter had died after sustaining burns from a firecracker. “Rita Bahuguna Joshi’s granddaughter dies of firecracker burn,” was the headline of a Mumbai Mirror article.

ABP news had a similar headline. “BJP MP Rita Bahuguna’s 6-year-old Granddaughter burnt to death after firecracker mishap,” it said.

Congress mouthpiece National Herald carried the same news. “BJP MP Rita Bahuguna’s granddaughter dies of firecracker burn,” the headline said.

The news was then picked up by far-left propagandists to carry out their campaign against Diwali fireworks. Dhruv Rathee shared an Inshorts report and called people who promote crackers “crazy idiots.” “Two minute silence for all crazy idiots who actually promote using crackers,” he wrote on Twitter.

As it turns out, the entire news story was fake, and possibly maliciously planted to further the left’s goal of eliminating all Hindu celebrations: there were no firecrackers involved in the death of Rita Bahuguna’s granddaughter.

This was clarified by the BJP MP herself in a post on Facebook. “I am grateful to those leaders of political parties, social organizations, friends, relatives and well-wishers who stood by us in our sorrow upon losing my only grandchild Kiana Joshi in an accident on Bhaiduj on 16th Nov. I plead with all parents to warn their children not to play with fire,” she wrote.

She then went on to describe how the tragedy had unfolded. “Let me share with you my misfortune. Mayank is my only child and Kiana was his only child. She along with her mother went from Lucknow to her maternal parents house in Prayagraj on 16th Nov. for Bhaiduj. At some point of time she and her other two cousins, 5 & 8 years old took their drawing books and crayons to the roof top and sat on the floor to colour. The 5 year old broke her crayon and the 8 year old found a match box somewhere on the roof and lit a stick to fix the broken crayon. Probably she could not bear the heat and threw the lighted match stick that fell in the lap of kiana who was wearing an acrylic dress that caught fire and within seconds engulfed her. By the time elders reached she had suffered 65 % burns. All medical efforts failed and she breathed her last at 3 am on 17th,” she added. “Many of my acquaintances told me that their children too try the same method to mend their crayons,” she continued.

Rita Bahuguna made it clear that her granddaughter had gone to the roof to colour their drawing books, and the fire was lit to fix a broken crayon. Nowhere did the MP mention that fireworks were involved.

It’s hard to tell where the fake news about crackers originated: it was carried by several major outlets, some of whom have now updated their articles to remove the details about the firecrackers. But the news had broken on Diwali, and had gone viral. The timing of the news is suspicious — the left has been trying to drill into children that Diwali crackers are a major cause of pollution, when studies say otherwise, it’s been contending that bursting crackers on Diwali is a modern phenomenon, while the history of Diwali crackers goes back centuries, and it’s been getting leading celebrities, who otherwise use chartered planes, to wax eloquent about Diwali pollution. Given its timing, and how fast it spread, it’s entirely likely that the fake news linking Rita Bahuguna’s granddaughter’s death to firecrackers was yet another part of the left’s sustained assault on Hindu festivals.

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