Who Is Amulya Leona, The Woman Who Shouted “Pakistan Zindabad” At Anti-CAA Rally?

Earlier today, a woman created a stir by getting up on stage at the Anti-CAA protest in Karnataka, and repeatedly shouting “Pakistan Zindabad”. Even as the politicians present at the rally, including AIMIM Chief Asaduddin Owaisi, tried to snatch away her mic, she repeated the slogan, before being hauled away by the police.

It turns out that the woman in question is one Amulya Leona (her name has been misreported on some social media as Amulya Leone). She’s a regular participant at Anti-CAA rallies, and has several videos on YouTube where she’s addressing crowds at these rallies. Leona appears to be based out of Karnataka. Here’s what information we could glean from her Twitter account.

1.Amulya Leona is 19 years old.

Amulya says she’s 19 years old and an adult. She says she doesn’t comb her hair.

2. Amulya Leona is a college dropout.

She says she discontinued college, and plans to write the CLAT and study law. She says she’s currently “fighting full-time for the country and her constitution.” She says she’s privileged enough, which would hint that she’s supported either by her parents or other benefactors.

3. Amulya Leona uses Hinduphobic slurs

On her Twitter, she’s regularly used Hinduphobic slurs. “I think consumption of Gau mootra builds a different level of immunity to criticism. How else is Amit Shah and Modi uncle unaffected,” she’d posted on 19th February. The reference to consumption of Gau Mutra, or cow urine, is a popular trope used by terrorists to target Hindus — the Pulwama bomber had made the exact same reference before he’d rammed his car into a CRPF convoy, which had lead to 40 jawans being martyred.

Another time, Amulya Leona retweeted a reference to eating cow-dung, yet another trope used to disparage Hindus.

4. She has backers who tell her what to say

Amulya Leona says she’s the face of the anti-CAA protests in Karnataka, but is backed by “advisors” who tell her what to say.

5. She has joked about “killing Sanghis”

In a Facebook post from earlier this month, Amulya joked about “Dracarys, kill em Sanghis”, a reference to Dracarys the dragon from the Game of Thrones series.

6. She is critical of the BJP and PM Modi

On Twitter, Amulya Leona regularly targets the ruling BJP government. She’s called for hashtags for #ModiGoBack, and also tried to drive up use of a similar hashtag for Home Minister Amit Shah.

7. Her family/relatives might have been Aam Aadmi Party supporters

In a public Facebook post from 2015, Amulya Leona is seen posing with a group of people wearing Aam Aadmi Party caps. Her current political affiliations are unknown.

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