Tanishq Takes Down Love Jihad Ad After Online Outrage

Leftists can try to peddle their propaganda through advertisements, but they can’t silence the voice of the people.

Tanishq has taken down its controversial ad that many had been accused of promoting love jihad. The ad, which had been uploaded on Tanishq’s YouTube channel, has now been made private. Earlier today, #BoycottTanishq had trended on social media with people outraging around how the advertisement promoted love jihad.

The controversial Tanishq ad showed a newly-wedded bride being ushered into her in-laws’ home. The bride was shown to be Hindu, while the house she was married into seemed to be Muslim. The bride is overcome by the welcome she receives, and even asks her mother-in-law if they were performing rituals that they wouldn’t normally do. The mother-in-law lovingly replies that every house has a ritual of keeping their daughter-in-law happy.

This, of course, isn’t how these things usually play out. Over the recent past, hundreds of cases of Love Jihad, in which Muslim men trap Hindu women and later force them to convert to Islam, have been reported in the media. In many of these cases, women who refuse to convert are eventually murdered. OpIndia reported that 20 cases of love jihad had been reported in just the last two months, and 11 cases were reported from Kanpur alone. Things have come to such a head that the Uttar Pradesh government is mulling a ordinance to check the barbaric practice, and the Assam government has said that it’ll take serious measures to fight love jihad in its state.

Most worryingly, the release of the ad coincided with the murder of two Hindu men by the families of their Muslim girlfriends on the same day. In Bengaluru, Hindu man Lakshmipathi was killed by the family of his Muslim girlfriend because her father was opposed to the inter-faith union. In Delhi, 18-year-old Rahul was murdered by Mohammad Afroz, Mohammad Raj and 3 others over his relationship with a Muslim girl.

Tanishq’s tone deaf ad wasn’t only dangerous for young women, many of whom have lost their lives after being lured into such inter-faith marriages, but also presented a sugary-sweet view of reality that, unfortunately, doesn’t exist. With the brand having now taken down the ad, one would hope that this would serve as a signal for other brands to desist from peddling similar falsehoods down Indian audience’s throats — the Indian consumer is now awake and aware, and will not accept leftist propaganda as he had done in the past.

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