Boycott Tanishq Trends After Netizens Accuse Company Of Promoting Love Jihad Through Latest Ad

The consequences of India’s advertising industry being held hostage by the far left are being seen even in the ad campaigns on major brands.

Tata brand Tanishq has recently released a new ad, which shows a newly-wedded bride being ushered into her in-laws’ home. The bride is shown to be Hindu, while the house she’s married into seems to be Muslim. The bride is overcome by the welcome she receives, and even asks her mother-in-law if they’re doing rituals that they wouldn’t normally do. The mother-in-law lovingly replies that every house has a ritual of keeping their daughter-in-law happy.

It’s all sugary-sweet in the way leftist utopias are, but the ad’s timing wasn’t great. The same day the ad was received, two separate Hindu men were killed by the families of their Muslim girlfriends for daring to go through inter-faith marriages. Instead of lovingly accepting the union like the ad depicted, the families had chosen to slaughter the Hindu men instead.

This led to an immediate reaction on Twitter. Former IAS officer and author Sanjay Dixit pointed out that the scenario shown in the ad was “fictional”. ” Tanishq jewellery’s ‘Ekatvam’ series’ ad projects a fictional ‘interfaith’ union, a Muslim family, a Hindu daughter-in-law being allowed to do a Hindu ritual. Nothing but promotion of love jihad on the same day Rahul Rajput was killed #BoycottTanishq,” he added.

When brands like @TanishqJewelry is promoting love Jihaad then how can we expect the people to stay away from it & be aware. Brands promote sale and leave but its the normal people who have to suffer the sad reality on the grounds,” wrote another Twitter user.

Others pointed out that an ad with the roles reversed — a Muslim wife being ushered into a Hindu household — would be met with instant outrage, and never be released. “Why are you showing a Hindu “daughter in law” to a muslim family and glorifying it? Why dont you show a Muslim daughter in law in your ads with a Hindu family? Look like you are promoting #LoveJihad & favouring a particular Faith only… ” wrote another Twitter user.

“This is Bizarre, highly objectionable and normalising #LoveJihad I want to know who directed this Ad and who wrote ? Pull this AD down #BoycottTanishq,” wrote Geetha Kothapalli, former MP from Andhra Pradesh.

Others said that they were ashamed to have purchased Tanishq jewelry in the past. “I hereby vow never to make a single purchase from this @tatatrusts brand which wants Hindu daughters sacrificed at altar of their profits,” wrote a Twitter user.

Another Twitter user shared a picture which they said was a more likely representation of what would’ve happened to the bride. “Any Hindu girl who falls for such narrative by tanishq.. keep in mind this image because the advertisement is a made up dream while the reality is something else,” they wrote, sharing a picture of a women who’d been killed and her body stuffed in a suitcase.

Over the recent past, hundreds of cases of love Jihad, in which Muslim men trap Hindu women and later force them to convert to Islam, have been reported in the media. In many of these cases, women who refuse to convert are eventually murdered. OpIndia reported that 20 cases of love jihad had been reported in just the last two months, and 11 cases were reported from Kanpur alone. Things have come to such a head that the Uttar Pradesh government is mulling a ordinance to check the barbaric practice, and the Assam government has said that it’ll take serious measures to fight love jihad in its state. As such, for a major brand like the Tata’s attempt to sugarcoat the practice isn’t only a fantasy, it’s also deeply unethical — leftist propaganda like this can lead to many other innocent women losing their lives going forward.

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