UP: Anti-CAA Rioters Present 1st Installment Of Rs. 80,856 As Penalty For Damaging Public Property

The anti-CAA rioters who’d vandalized public property in Uttar Pradesh are — quite literally — being made to pay for their crimes.

Rioters in Kanpur have presented a cheque of Rs. 80,856 as the first installment of their penalty for damaging public property. The money will be used to repair the damage that was caused. The penalty was collectively paid by 6 rioters who had been identified by the Yogi government.

Earlier, the Yogi government had announced that it would use CCTV footage to identify rioters, and make them pay for the damage they’d caused. If rioters failed to do so, it would seize their properties to recover the amounts. Notices to this effect had been sent to rioters within a week of the riots having taken place.

The Yogi government hadn’t stopped there — when some rioters had dithered while paying up, it had put up their posters at prominent places in Lucknow, and asked them to make the payments. This move had angered some sections, which had approached the High Court. The High Court had asked the Yogi government to take down the posters, following which the government had approached the Supreme Court. When the Supreme Court had asked the goverment under which law it had put up the posters, the Yogi government had brought about an ordinance which allowed for the state to recover the cost of damage to public property during riots.

And with 6 rioters having paid the first installment of the penalty, the Yogi government’s no-nonsense approach to the situation already seems to be working.

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4 thoughts on “UP: Anti-CAA Rioters Present 1st Installment Of Rs. 80,856 As Penalty For Damaging Public Property

  1. Very true .these rioters must be made to pay up and sentenced to community service for various periods as decided by competent judiciary.

    But they must do the community service with proper verification and it must be within their community and not cross community Initiative. Keep them out of such mingling ,as it is in their as well as other community best interest

  2. Great work…let’s hope other state leaders will have the guts to implicate this in their states

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