The Print Columnist Zainab Sikander Says Charlie Hebdo Would Never Dare To Mock Christianity, Netizens Point Out Numerous Instances When It Has Done So

Even as three terror attacks have been reported from across France today, and two more have been thwarted, terror apologists in India have already begun their attempts to justify them. Zainab Sikandar, who writes for The Print, today attacked Charlie Hebdo for publishing its cartoons on prophet Mohammad. “Charlie Hebdo […]

After Revealing Castes Of Victim And Accused In Hathras, Faye D’Souza Hides Details In Nikita Tomar Case

India’s far-left propagandists seem to have very different standards for reporting crimes based on the identities of the victims and the accused. After immediately categorizing the Hathras incident as a caste crime, and sharing the caste affiliations of both the accused and the victim, far-left ‘journalist’ Faye D’Souza has conveniently […]