Here’s How RSS Is Helping India Fight The Coronavirus Outbreak

India has been hit hard by the coronavirus epidemic — the entire country is in lockdown, businesses and establishments are shut, and people are quarantined in their homes. But millions of Indians still need essential supplies and help with treatments, and with central and state government resources stretched to their maximum, one of India’s largest volunteer organizations is stepping up to help.

RSS volunteers across the country have been lending their hands in fighting the coronavirus epidemic. RSS has over 50 lakh members across India, and many of them are helping out clean and sanitize public places.

They’re also helping local administration spread awareness about social distancing. Volunteers in Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh painted signs on roads so that people could be nudged into keeping a safe distance from each other.

They did the same thing in Uttar Pradesh.

In Kerala, RSS Swayamsevaks cleaned public places and bus stands.

RSS volunteers also cleaned out hospitals.

Apart from cleaning out things themselves, RSS volunteers also distributed masks on the streets.

A sister organization Seva Bharti even started making masks that were to be distributed.

Perhaps most crucially, RSS workers are also helping feed thousands of Indians who might find it hard to supplies during the lockdown. In Assam, RSS volunteers took supplies to villages and rural areas.

RSS workers have also been distributing food packets.

In Karnataka, RSS volunteers gave out food directly to the needy.

In Gujarat, RSS Swayamsevaks set up community kitchens.

With its millions of members pressed into service, RSS has probably already reached out to vast swathes of India to help with the coronavirus outbreak. Which is just as well — India will need all hands on deck as it battles Covid-19, and RSS appears to be making sure that they’re available and ready.

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