Congress Workers Vandalize Storia Beverages’ Office For Ad Featuring Lookalikes Of Rahul Gandhi And Sonia Gandhi

There is growing intolerance in India — just not in the way that the left likes to pretend.

Congress workers have vandalized the office of beverage manufacturer Storia Foods. Visuals from the office showed broken glass and upturned chairs. Times Now reported that Congress workers had gathered at the office, created a ruckus, and damaged property. The workers have now been detained by the police.

Last week, beverage maker Storia had released an ad which featured an unnamed politician. The main character runs to his mother exclaiming “Khatam?(It’s over?)” after she’s downed her Storia drink. He then reassures her, and tells her that will build a machine which will convert grass into milk. After his harried mother points out that such a machine already exists — in the form of the humble cow — the main character then wonders if cows are empowered or not.

The company hadn’t named the politician, but the ad appeared to have earned the ire of Congress workers, who went and vandalized the office. Incredibly, Congress leader Bhai Jagtap praised the attack, and even personally shared a video of the violence on his Twitter account. Congress workers could be seen holding up the Congress flag and raising slogans of “Sonia Gandhi zindabad” and “Rahul Gandhi zindabad” after vandalizing the office.

Ironically, Rahul Gandhi himself keeps bemoaning the supposed growing intolerance in today’s India. “Our greatest strength is our tolerance. Their biggest weakness is their intolerance,” he’d tweeted in 2015.

It appears that his own party’s workers haven’t quite got the message.

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