Punjab Kings Cricketer Harpreet Brar Shares Tribute To Terrorist Bhindranwale On Death Anniversary

It wasn’t just Harbhajan Singh who’d called terrorist Bhindranwale a martyr on his death anniversary — a little-known Punjab Kings cricketer had shared a similar tribute.

Harpreet Brar, who’d played for the Punjab Kings this season, shared a tribute to terrorist Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale on his death anniversary. “I don’t fear for a physical death, but when my conscience dies, that’s the real death — Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale” said an image that he’d shared yesterday. And it wasn’t just a coincidence that Brar had happened to share a quote from the terrorist — he captioned the post as 6 June 1984, which is Bhindranwale’s death anniversary.

Harpreet Brar isn’t particularly well known, but he’d made his debut in the IPL this year, playing for the Punjab Kings. In his 5 matches, he’s taken 4 wickets at an average of 31.75.

Brar isn’t the only cricketer who’s paid a tribute to the separatist on his death anniversary. Harbhajan Singh had also shared a similar tribute yesterday, and had hailed Bhindranwale as a martyr. But after a severe backlash on social media, Harbhajan had backtracked today, profusely apologizing.

“I just wish to clarify and apologize for an Instagram post yesterday. It was a WhatsApp forward that I posted in haste without even realizing the content used and what it signified or stood for,” Harbhajan posted on Instagram. “That was my mistake and at no stage do I subscribe to the views of that post, or support the people whose pictures were carried. I am a Sikh who will fight for India and not against India. This is my unconditional apology for hurting the sentiments of my nation. In fact any anti national group against my people I do not support and I never will. I have given my blood and sweat for this country for 20 years and will never support anything that is anti India. Jai Hind,” he added.

Harpreet Brar has escaped social media censure thus far, with the bulk of the anger being directed towards his more illustrious compatriot. But with Harbhajan now having backtracked and apologized for his Bhindranwale tribute, it’s perhaps time for Harpreet Brar and the Punjab Kings to have his tweet taken down as well.

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